About Orion Digital Services Ltd.

The Company

aboutOrion Digital Services Ltd is a 100% irish owned company providing IT services in the North Tipperary region. Our office and Network Operartions Centre (NOC) is based outside Templemore.

Since 2008, we have concentrated on building a reliable Wireless Network Infrastructure, which we have used to provide a range of services. These services include residential broadband to rural customers or those without phone lines in urban areas, backup links and point to point links to small and medium businesses in the area and more.

Our Goal

Our belief is that Broadband is simply a highway to the rest of the world and that the better the highway,the more of the world you can see and access.
Our goal is to provide a truly world class broadband service to our customers, to rival our urban cousins, as cost-effectivly as possible.

Why choose us?

  • When you contact a local company, you are a name, not just a number on a database.
  • We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and technical support.
  • If you encounter a problem, you speak to the person who is going to fix the problem.
  • What you spend with a local company stands a greater chance of staying in the local economy.