Orion Digital Services delivers a high quality, low latency Camera Broadband service built using Mikrotik’s latest technology 5ghz Fixed Wireless Access technology. The network is maintained to the highest standard, by qualified certified personnel and backed by an extensive support network of specialists in Radio technology, networking, security and firewalling.


Rural access. Using this technology we can extend broadband internet access into rural areas in innovative ways.


Short-haul, wide area networks.

This isn’t Internet, really, but it is a great application for the technology. For limited expense, point-to-point wireless radios can enable businesses to connect offices up to 2.6 miles apart at gigabit speeds, and farther at megabit speeds. This can be very compelling for businesses with multiple sites or branch networks.

Critical Redundancy

Backup business connections. Even if a business has connectivity for its primary connection, we build wireless connections that can provide an exceptional backup that isn’t dependent on telephone poles feeding the business.

This is an important consideration for businesses that are installing VoIP phone systems and cloud computing or are otherwise unable to be without internet connectivity.


We supply and install IP Based camera systems to farmers for calving and foaling situations. These systems are readily adaptable for internet access via PC or mobile phone.


We also supply and build Hotspot facilities for the hotel industry and organisations with public spaces to allow selective or open access to the public.

They are built to the highest standard and maintained via lease agreements.